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The Birth of BKT

My journey in the Massage Industry started 3 years ago after realising the role I was doing was making me miserable so it was out with the old and in with the newūüėä. I walked into work and quit, signed up the next week to study at Q Academy.

The journey had started!!  My love and appreciation of massage alongside the benefits it provides go back years before this. Seeing others around me not able to utilise those services for varied reasons finally gave me the push to pursue this life change so I could help not only them but others along the way.

We are a small family-based business and the name BKT comes from strong family connections that drive me to be a better Practitioner for not only myself but for my family. 


Environment to me is so very important, and this happens by making you know your concerns are listened to in a calm space.

The home-based clinic here in Strathpine is where a calm, relaxed space has been created where you can come kick your shoes off and just leave the stress at the door. We have off street parking so the walk back to your car is an easy one.

You can have some friendly chat with our own spin on customer service you will not find anywhere else. We look forward to seeing many more of you see what we have to offer.

Our Values and Vision

Always being honest about what we do to help you. To ensure that you walk out feeling better than when you walked in. 

Massage Therapy has immediate benefits of reducing stress levels, helping reduce muscle soreness amongst other benefits and this is what we want for you. Promoting self-care is part of our values and vision to help you through a stressful time or injury through providing the right treatment plan to you recover whatever it looks like. Self-care is always low on the list of things in our busy schedules and we need that to change if we want to function at our optimal best.

It is our vision and promise to treat each and every client with the respect you deserve each and every time you walk in and out the doors.

Massage Products Used

At BKT Therapy we endeavour to always find and use quality products that are kinder to you the client but useful in the treatment. If you have an allergy, or reaction to any product we use please make sure you let us know both on your health form or prior to any treatment so it is noted.

For this reason, I only choose to use the following products:

Tui balms